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Pure Radio

9462 Brownsboro Road #163

Louisville, KY 40241


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Pure Radio Louisville

220 Potters Lane

Clarksville, IN 47129


Palm Springs Address:

Pure Radio Palm Springs

75-153 Merle Drive Suite D

Palm Desert, CA 92211


Who we are: PURE Radio, LLC is a Christian Radio company focused on the Christian Teaching and Talk format. The company was founded by Tom and Desiré Hoyt. 


What we do: Our radio stations serve the communities of Louisville, KY and Palm Springs, CA. We provide local and national ministries the platform to teach believers and provide the Gospel Message to seekers.  ​


In addition to our domestic outreach, we have a missions vision to build a Christian Teaching and Talk radio station for Port Au Prince, Haiti. Currently, Port Au Prince, Haiti has no Christian Teaching radio stations despite a 99% daily radio listening usage of the 3 million plus population. ​


Why we exist: Our purpose is to deliver the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ in markets that are underserved in Christian Teaching broadcasting. We have targeted two domestic markets where we have history and familiarity and where there is a lack of Christian broadcast programming; Louisville and Palm Springs.  ​


During a mission trip to Haiti in 2017, we were moved by the people and their plight. While Haitians have many physical needs, the spiritual darkness of the country is even more urgent. We want to reach Haiti with the Gospel via radio to support the on the ground mission work and humanitarian relief efforts that hundreds of Christian organizations provide. ​


How we operate: Tom Hoyt has over 20 years radio management experience and is the daily manager of the stations. Our full market frequencies in Louisville and Palm Springs cover the entire metro populations and beyond in both markets. Our broadcast facilities are secured and already built out for PURE Radio at  220 Potters Lane, Clarksville, IN 47129 and 75-153 Merle Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211. 

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